Tulipoff Prize Unveiling 2019

Last year Tulipoff focused on immigration and refugee issues last year, but this year we will turn our focus on climate change and for that reason this year Tulipoffs prize will be made by an artist who makes his arts using car scraps, so to emphasize our focus on environment and climate.
The artist’s name is Ebrahim Yazdani, who’s Born in 1988 in Iran and car scraps are the main materials that he uses to create beautiful sculptures.
The Tulipoff group decided to employ this artist to create statues to be awarded to the winners, so to both be a reminder of their success in the festival and to act as a great work of art.
You can follow the works of this good-natured artist on his page. Instagram:@ebrahim_yazdani88

Tulipoff's Winner in 2019

Tulipoff’s Winner in 2019

THE VAN| Erenik Beqiri|Albania|Fiktion|15 min|
The Van finally stops, the doors open and Ben comes out
alive. A few more fights and he will be able to pay his way
out of Albania, and hopefully, take his father with him.


ST(R)AY| Chiang Yao|Taiwan|Animation|9 min|
A camel, on a quest to find his missing wife in the desert,
faces the dilemma of chasing his treasure or continuing
his journey. ‘St(r)ay’ is a story of how someone recognizes the most important thing in life amid chaos caused by


Tangle| Maliheh Gholamzadeh|Iran|Animation|8 min|
“Tangle” is about the people who lost their homes in the
war and was forced to leave all their memories and loved
ones behind. It is also about life and striving to survive
on the geographical borders of hope and depression
while reaching for all the things that can connect us to
this water and land in spite of constantly getting ignored
and interrupted.

The winner of CAMP category


The winner of Special Jury Award

Official Selection:
Receive Laurel Tulipoff + Certificate

Best Film of The CLIMATE CHANGE:
Winner will receive Laurel Tulipoff + Certificate + Statue 

Winner will receive Laurel Tulipoff + Certificate + Statue 

Special Jury Award

Winner will receive Laurel Tulipoff + Certificate + Statue