Tulipoff’s Poster Unveiling 2020

Tulipoff focuses on climate change in 2020.
This year Tulipoffs poster is made by Marzie Mirzaei. She is an artist who stated herself more as a painter. She was born in 1986 in Tehran. She has published some artwork in “A New Ulster” magazine in Ireland 2019 and published also her artwork as painting and photography in Udkant magazine in Denmark 2020.
You can follow the works of this creative artist on her page.
Instagram: @marziehnic

TIFF in Cinemateket!

We announce with great honor that the 3rd Tulipoff International Film Festival will be held in collaboration with Cinemateket in Copenhagen.

About Cinemateket:

The Cinemateket can be understood as a museum that is responsible for spreading awareness of both known and unknown Danish and foreign films from film history, and to show selected films from contemporary times that would not otherwise have been shown in Danish cinemas. Up to 70 different movie titles are shown each month. All year-round, the Cinemateket also houses film screenings in connection with the various Copenhagen film festivals. There are Cinemateks activities around the country, there are open-air shows, sing-along films, collaborations with interest groups, festivals and more.

We at TIFF couldn’t be more excited!

Open Air Cinema- Videomøllen

Tulipoff's Film Jury

Tulipoff’s Film Jury in 2019

Tulipoff's Filmmaker list in 2019

Tulipoff’s Filmmaker list in 2019

Angelica Germanà Bozza – Germany
Ismail Dairki – Syria
Erenik Beqiri – Albania
Rafiqfuad Yarahmadi – Iraq, United Kingdom
Paul Marques Duarte – France
Maliheh Gholamzadeh – Iran
Ecegül Bayram – United States
Veronica Solomon – Germany
Olivier Arteniuk – Poland
Christopher Satola – United States
Igor Coric – Serbia
Martín Romero – Spain
Zoë Hutber – United Kingdom
Bogdan Anifrani – Canada
Chiang Yao – Taiwan
Martin Babić – Croatia

Union- Screening place

Union is a platform for cultural meetings. The place is a cultural center located in Nørre Allé 7 on Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Union was named World Cultural Center in March 2019, where we changed our name. The cultural center has existed since 1993 and has throughout the years been a beacon for intercultural work in Denmark. Over 20 different associations and organizations are based in the Union, and many more have regular activities in the house. Union houses the Aula venue on the first floor, a dance room, sound studios, meeting rooms, taverns and more. The socio-economic eatery Send More Spices represents the culinary experiences in the eatery. The regional venue ALICE (a fusion of Jazzhouse and Global) is housed in the Union concert hall in the backyard, and the artists that ALICE puts on stage in Union and at guest venues around the city are leading artists in jazz, electronic and global roots. The vast majority of Union cultural content consists of citizen-initiated collaborative projects with an intercultural focus, such as theater, spoken word, film screenings, exhibitions, and concerts. Union hosts more than 400 events annually.

2nd Tulipoff International Film Festival Screening program

Unveiling poster of 2nd Tulipoff International Film Festival

This festival will take place in Union and Videomøllen Copenhagen on 19-21 September 2019. Coming is free for all.

Videomøllen-An open-air cinema

Videomøllen-An open-air cinema

Videomøllen is an open-air cinema and exhibition space in the heart of Copenhagen. Videomøllen is known as a place for showing video art exhibitions, project words of wisdom, and much more. We will show selected movies in this open-air cinema in Copenhagen for the public during our festival in 19-21 September 2019.

1987 films were submitted!

We are very pleased and honored to announce that for the second edition of the festival, we have received 1987 films from 113 countries, with India being the largest participant with 190 films. There are 1141 films in the COMMUNICATE THROUGH PICTURE section and 846 films in the CAMP section.
We thanks all the participants who trusted us and sent their films to the festival. We are reviewing the works and we will soon announce the names of the selected films in the competition.